Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Day, Same Shit (Still Intake)

I was talking to this one inmate and he had to do a 12 year on the LOW, meaning his T.E. date is 6-1-2011. This guy was driving drunk and killed a person in another car. So basically this man murdered someone! I didn't hurt anyone and for my crime I get 70% and my T.E. date is, at this time, 8-17-2014! That is so fucked up!

I am not making these stories up. Check it out yourself.

Also while I was talking to this guy he told me about a murder that happened in the County Jail he was put in. One he witnessed. The County Jail dresses you in pink. I sure you can find which one it was, because there is only one other jail I know of that does that, and it's in Phoenix, AZ. He said 3 or 4 other inmates thought this one other inmate ratted on them for something they had done while in the County Jail. So the men cornered the one in the shower stall. They smashed his face and the back of his head into concrete! They killed him only to find the next day that he was not the one who ratted on them.

This dead man was in jail for a probation violation. The probation violated him because the man was a contractor and due to the economy had to go out of state to get work, which provided a roof over his family and food on the table.

Now instead of 2 months to 6 months, his probation violation got him a death sentence. The only thing he can give his family now is sorrow and single parent life for the kids. All because he wanted to work and provide for his family! Arkansas the Prison State!

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