Sunday, February 14, 2010

I got to tell you this story.

It's really fucked up.

This man was stopped 3 times going home and let go - told to go straight home. After the third officer stopped him and let him go, he drove about 200 yards and ran right into 2 older people. Killed them both. They had just left their grandson's football game.

DRUNK. And since he was stopped by 3 different police and let o, he only had to serve 18 months in county jail. No probation or anything.

What do you think of that? Arkansas is so fucked up. I hate this place.

Enough of that. Right now I am reading S.K.'s Everything's Eventual (short stories). Is t cold there? Tomorrow we get to watch cartoons (cool)! God, I wish I had a cig and a whiskey and coke!

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