Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I told you about this one guy...

...who murdered another man and only got 8 years. There is another man in here with an identical charge as me. They gave him 20 years on the 70% so he has to do 10 years before parole (his first time). This man seems to be a good man. Now, because of this he has lost everything (family and home). This state destroys people. What about the people who should be in here? It doesn't make any sense.

There was this guy 6 months ago who stalked his own daughter, cornered her, and raped her. The court gave him 5 years probation. Is that fucked up, or what?

When me and mom went to court together for the first time, while I was waiting to go in front of Judge S****y (POS), he gave another man 3 years for child molesting. This man did this at an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. I would have had the motherfucker shot!

What is up with our system? I am just an addict. I got one more story to tell for now: This other man got a 10 year sentence on 70%, like mine. On the way home (alone) from court, his wife committed suicide. Killed herself. They were married for 7 years.

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