Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm hearing stories...

about the way the prison used to be. All these horror stories, you know... all the ones you've heard of, I am sure. What the movies made it out to be. They were true at one time, but it's not as bad anymore. There are no rapes, no fights, no gang wars, and no Mad Jackers. Mad Jackers were these sick fuckers that would jack-off in the open all the time. They would stare people down and jack-off. Fucking sick!!! But now the ADC is enforcing stiffer penalties and it is working.

Since I have been here, I have not seen one fight or anything - well, there was a Mad Jacker caught 2 days ago. He had a blanket covering his opening in his cell door. He was peeking out at the guard in the tower and jacking off. Another guard snuck up and tore the blanket down. Caught him in the act! Charges were brought against him and he got knocked all the way down in his classes and thrown into the fucking hole where he belongs.

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