Monday, March 1, 2010

Let me tell you some more about Lonoke County.

Recently the mayor was caught embezzling. The chief of police was cooking dope and prostituting his wife out to 309's that work at the jails. He would also send the 309's to the houses that were raided by the cops and have them steal anything of value in them.

What is a 309?

A 309 is under the ACT 309 program. Eligible ADC inmates are housed in certain county or city jails for work purpose. Participating counties and cities request inmates by skills (dope cook). The inmates are not supposed to get paid (wouldn't sex be payment).

My opinion: Arkansas is a corrupt state in law enforcement, prison state, ignorant people. Life could be great, but not in Arkansas. They should have a sign warning people about this shit hole on all HWY entrances!

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