Friday, March 5, 2010

Today was Shakedown.

That's when the guards come in and search for drugs, cigs, alcohol, and other things. What a joke, because the guards are the ones that bring it in to sell to the inmates!

Mr. Wood stopped by my cell to talk. We both like S.K. books and he had got one for me from the library called Everything's Eventual (short stories). He wanted to know what I thought of one of the stories called, The Man in the Black Suit. I told him that I liked it and what really made the story good was what S.K. had written about how he came up with the story. Talking to Mr. Wood led into something else. I have "died" twice! Both times I experienced something different after my heart stopped. Mr. Wood told me about a car accident he had where he had a flatline experience and it was identical to my second experience. Crazy!

One day, ask me the details, but just know that there is something after death. You know I don't lie about shit like this.

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