Thursday, April 8, 2010

I am right now in an open barracks

There are two wings. In between them there are showers/toilets and two day rooms with a TV in each room. Each room holds 50 people. I was talking to an electrician here. He was telling me that most of the people here were child molesters. Kind of pisses me off. I better not have one come up and talk to me or I will be going to the “hole.” He told me his uncle took one of these pieces of low-life shit (him and two others) and grabbed a broom and shoved it up his ass ripping his insides all up.  The guys got another 10 years added to their sentence. These low-life child molesters mostly get probation or out within a year. Isn’t that just so fucked up? Our government sucks..

This one guy kills a man that had told him that he was going to rape his kids. He got 25 years on the 70%. He had served the armed forces for our government and had never been in any trouble. The man he murdered was a low-life wife-beater and drug dealer. Why does our government protect these baby rapers and pieces of shit?

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