Tuesday, December 29, 2009

So I guess I got to start with the beginning.

I lived in Arkansas and subcontracted to my father's company. My father found a part of a meth lab in his shop (shaker bottles). Next thing he did was call the police and reported that I had a meth lab in his shop. When I found out he called the police I took off. I was done with his abuse and theft at that time anyhow.

I ended up in Phoenix, AZ. I worked for two companies doing HVAC. One of which had me working for the City of Phoenix who does background checks. It was clean so I received a badge (allows me to work on any city location).

I got pulled over 2 days before Christmas with some friend (traffic violation). I was taken to jail because of a warrant for my arrest out of AR. Stayed in the Phoenix jail for over three weeks. Into the third week I broke my ankle coming off their top bunks. I was in the doc. waiting room getting ready to get xrays when the officers from Washington County sheriff's showed up and took me back to AR.

I had a broken ankle and was shackled feet and hands, stuck in the back seat of a police car with two other prisoners. One of them weighed over 250 lbs. for a three day trip back to AR. I was in complete pain! The officers smoked in the car. Did not let us have even a drag!

In Washington County jail after 3 days, I finally went to a doctor and got xrays. It was broken! They put a splint on it and stuck me in 23 hour lock down for 3 and a half months. A half a month later, I was able to bond out for two months, since I was a non-commit. It was not enough time to make money. I needed to get a real lawyer. So I was stuck with a Public Pretender (Defender). She told me the best I would get is 20 years. 10 suspended at 50%.

She also told me there was another way that I would not have to do any time if I would work for the DTF (set people up and wear a wire against people). I told her to go fuck herself.

I didn't know that she had already fucked the prosecuting attorney and has a bastard child from him!

So the judge gave me 10 years at 50% or that was what I was told by the Public Pretender (city slut). If I didn't take that plea, I was told that I would get 20 years. If I only knew what I know now I would just be on probation.

I think of myself as a good man. I don't hurt, steal, or lie to people. I've worked my whole life. But my best is my daughter. College grad and a fantastic person who I love dearly.

Back at Washington County Jail for months due to ADC being completely full! I have lost everything I've owned and I mean everything - even my freedom. Which I should say I forfeited.

Somethings I don't understand. I am an addict and an alcoholic, but I work every day and take care. I do understand that I can make a better life for myself by living differently, but I do have fun in life and I don't hurt no one in the process. When I made drugs, they were only for myself. So tell me what is wrong with that?

Well the courts treat me worse than a murderer, rapist, or child molester. I believe in God Law and live by it! Man Laws are in my mind - Fucked up!


  1. ash, this is awesome and i'm glad you're doing this. best of luck to your dad and i hope that once the comments start adding up, you send letters back to your pops letting him know the nice things people (even if it's just me ha!) are saying.

    it'd be sweet if this ended up being really popular and a really nice lawyer volunteered to defend him on an appeal or something for free. we can hope, can't we?

  2. I am going to compile all the comments for him. There aren't many, but I don't think he really realizes that people are actually reading it. :)