Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Finally made it to ADC Diagnostics!

It is a place where they do all kinds of tests on you. Your health, physical and mental. They figure out what prison parent unit you will go to.

Due to over crowded prisons, after 8 days in diagnostics they move me and 30 others to Randall L. Williams Correctional unit (still as intake).

Here we sit in Limbo! While all the rest is coming and going from Diagnostic unit to their parent unit to get started on their 60 days to be put in Level One Classification. We are mostly stuck in one man cells for 24 hours except for eating and sometimes 1 hour yard (which is a dog cage!) and we are just Intake (Limbo)! (hole in the wall) The racism and hate is incredible. So sickening. It saddens me!

I did receive my Time Card here at R.L.W. unit. It is now a fact that my low-life, inbred, Public Pretender lawyer lied to me!

The courts gave me 70% instead of 50%.

God states to hate is just like murder! She puts me on the edge of total sin! I hope she burns in this world and after!

When I get to my parent unit, I will be able to go to the Law Library and put in an appeal. Wish me luck!

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