Monday, February 22, 2010

Bah Hum Bug

How depressing can it get? Normally when an inmate is depressed another inmate will try to boost him up. Holidays. You can cut it with a knife. Depression.

Also the flu is in and a lot of people are sick. I am just waiting for my turn!

I sure hope for better things!

One thing I prefer being in prison to is being married! My gosh the hell husbands put themselves through. Some of the men who had wives until they were put in prison are suicidal. This one man tried to jump off the third floor. Another that got 20 years on a 70% (like me) has to do 10 years before he can get a chance for parole. His wife that he was married to for 15 years and loved very much left him the day he got committed. He seems to be a good man. Just another addict.

Then there are the others (worthless inmates). This idiot is going to have to do 5 years before parole and his wife gives him money and he yells at her on the phone. So the other day she got tired of it and apparently picked up some young man and is doing him in their bed. You should have seen him after that phone call! What an idiot!


  1. Just started reading your blog, its really intresting.
    My husband is one of the married inmates :P...but he has good woman and he is a good man lol we have a geniune love and respect for each other and I"ve waited on him my whole life so I can wait a few more years.He has been married before, and she divorced him last time he was in, but theres alot more to it than just him going to prison. Not me I'm down for this ride

    His cellmate sounds like some of those guys, he has been marreid twice, the first time as soon as he was sentenced to 5 years. His second wife, he met after he got out they got married he went back in this time for 7 years, she lasted two years in then left him.

    Its not easy loving and supportng someone on the inside, esepcially if they don't respect you.

    Anyway just wanted to say this is a great blog and I look forward to reading some more on it.

  2. Thank you for the comment! I don't get notified when someone comments for some reason, but I will compile them and send them in a letter. :)