Sunday, February 7, 2010

Same nothing. Stagnant.

Went to the dentist. I lost 2 fillings, broke a tooth. So I am going to see what they will do.

Cummins is not a bad place, but being that we are not done with hoe squad (60 days), time is really slow. Once we're done they will give us a new job to do outside or in. Utility or something. I will be going to Vo-Tech after that since I will still have too much time on my T.E. to go to work release. I am going to try to be a 309 until then.

What is a 309? Inmates housed in certain county or city jails for work purposes. Participating counties and cities request inmates by skill, but if an inmate is more than 30 months from parole eligibility, the Sheriff in the county of conviction has to approve the inmate's participation in the program.

Since I know the sheriff's secretary personally (dated her daughter in high school), I don't see a problem. Then when my 30 months come into the line up, I will leave the 309 position and go to work release.

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