Thursday, February 4, 2010

So anyhow,

I just found out about these two other men. You are going to trip. This stuff is insane!

One - G*** W******* is charged with attempt to manufacture with no weighable amount. The judge said " I will make you an example" and gave him 100 years at 70%. The man is 50 years old. He appealed it to the supreme court and they deducted 15 years. (Woo-Pee)

So now his T.E. date is 2041. They just took the man's life. Wouldn't you call that murder? Our court system. But that wouldn't matter because murderers don't have to serve long.

Two - J**** murdered a man and was sentenced to 8 years and will only have to serve 2.5 years. He'll get out before I get out. BULLSHIT.

This is what bothers me the most, how this keeps going on. We need to fight this. Change our government. Civil war. Fuck yes! Throw the lawyers in a hole!

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