Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thank you...

for the money in my account, but don't you ever do that again. I'll be fine! [I'm about to put some in when I'm done with this updating...]

Too cool about the donate button. I sure would like to have an ice-cream right now. Plus a smoke. Plus a whiskey. And maybe one of my psycho girlfriends! If you're going to wish, wish big!

And a house for you and one for me (within walking distance).

Sushi! Miss it!

One more thing. My celly wants to give me a tattoo. He says it's a crime. Every felon gets a tattoo. There is some kind of law that states this. I could get one that covers my whole back and both my arms and maybe half my face and I'm just joking!

Please tell me what you and Dave think about this.

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