Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Three Weeks later.

So, I have kind of calmed down. Here is some good news. Read this newspaper clipping [click the link]. I will fill in the blanks. You see what is happening is that ADC is being sued over that 70% law for non-violent drug offenders. Well, the people won, but instead of telling the world that they were in the wrong, they are making it sound like they will be changing the law due to other reasons. Just so they don't look like idiots!

Either way, I do not care! It looks like I will be getting out a lot sooner. Is that cool or what?

I showed people the comments from my blog that you sent me. Cool! Even pot-head. He is an idiot! But he is a good man.

[On the back, there was a drawing of P.J. Funny Bunny.]


  1. I'm a new reader here.. I hate the "system" and some day will have to sit and tell my story. I miss my son. Hang in there and I wonder if you will really get a soda if I send a card to that guy?? -sharon

  2. Hi Sharon! He'll tell us if he does get the soda, but I think he's more concerned with making the guy feel better. :)

    I miss my Dad all the time. Even if we lived in different states, at least I could pick up a phone and call him.